Why You Should Juice Kale

September 20, 2013

Getting the body fit is one of the most challenging tasks that men and women face in their lives. However, there are some who are not challenged by it as the way they live their life is already healthy. To those people who are facing this challenge now, it is time to know the secrets to start to live the healthy life. To kick things off, you should consider juicing rather than visiting various fruits and vegetables each day.

Juicing is one of the most popular ways of getting the body fit. Various fruits and vegetables can be squeezed to provide healthier juices. Between fruits and vegetables, it has been proven that the latter boosts the body more. If you get the hang of juicing, it would be best to put kale in your list; and in case you are wondering why it is strongly suggested, enumerated below are some of the health benefits of juicing kale.

It is Low in Calorie

The calorie count is what you should consider when juicing fruits and vegetables. The reason behind kale’s popularity these days is that it packs a minimal amount of calorie. In fact, a single mug of kale will only add around 35 – 40 calories in your body. That speaks of a huge help for any person’s diet.

Presence of Lutein

Kale is likewise a really good source of Lutein – it is an antioxidant that somehow helps in keeping the eyes and skin healthy. The function of Lutein as regards the former is that it reduces the damage that the UV light can cause. Although it is not yet clear as to how it helps the skin, authorities say that it really does.

Presence Vitamin K, A and C

Countless studies have shown that kale is also rich in Vitamin K. A cup of juiced kale provides a whopping 1,327 percent that is more than enough of a human’s daily vitamin needs. As everyone knows, Vitamin K also aids when the skin is damaged by clotting the blood to stop or lessen the bleeding.

Vitamin K is not the only vitamin found in kale. It is said that Vitamin A and C are also plentiful in kale. Further studies have shown that the former provides around 192 percent while the latter provides 89 percent. Judging from those values, you can already say that it really is a healthy vegetable.

Vitamin A is functions like Vitamin K as it also improves the overall health of the eyes and the skin. On the other hand, Vitamin C has a more important role as it aids the body’s tissues as well as providing the body a shield from infections and the like.

Presence of Calcium and Other Vitamins and Minerals

Another important composition of kale is calcium. As you know, everyone one needs calcium regardless of rank, age or sex. This simply means that even the older people need calcium. Calcium is popularly known for building strong bones but it also has other functions that are as important – like it aids in the contraction of the muscles and it also conducts nerve pulses.

Now you have an overview of the health benefits of juicing kale, it is high time to try it and use other fruits and vegetables as well.

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