What is a Hydraulic Press Juicer?

by Best Juicer on May 31, 2013

 What in the world is a hydraulic press juicer? In the wondrous world of juicers, there are so many varying types of them. Just some of these said different kinds of juicers comprise of:

  • Single-auger (gear) juicers
  • Twin-auger (gear) juicers
  • Centrifugal juicers
  • Masticating juicers
  • Hydraulic press juicers

Among the shortlist of the aforementioned juicers, it has long been argued which one brings out the most pulp out. It may be safe to say that it is arguably the hydraulic press juicers which yield the most pulp out of the juiced ingredients. The secret really lies in exactly how this hydraulic press juicer works.


The overall detailed specs of these hydraulic press juicers differ from model to model, but there are some base features and characteristics that are staples for every single hydraulic press juicer out there on the market, regardless of what type of model it may be, or what brand it may carry. The most vital aspect any hydraulic press juicer always has is, of course, its hydraulic press. Without this special feature which only this kind of juicer has (as opposed to all the other kinds of juicers out there), it would not be able to yield the most percentage of juice from the ingredients.

One of the most evident differences hydraulic press juicers have from other types of juicers is the fact that with these hydraulic presses, so much more pulp and juice is extracted from any ingredient juiced, while using so much less produce. This is a highly significant factor to point out, since hydraulic press juicers, because of its unquestionable in its overall excellent juicing quality, has quite a steep price tag attached to it. This, however, is a very minor setback, since hydraulic press juicers really are more of investments than something flashy to show around.

If skeptics and cynics still doubt the overall juicing power and capacity of these hydraulic press juicers, the only proof that needs to be looked at is the pulp itself, after the juice has been successfully extracted. It is at its driest state, as all the possible juice percentage has been removed from it completely. No other juicer can yield that much juice, while really showing off that it does.

Who Uses Hydraulic Press Juicers?

It may not bring that much of an impact, but it is vital to point out that almost 80% (according to the Gerson Institute, the number one organization which handles raw, natural cancer recovery therapy) of cancer patients who use natural cancer therapy use hydraulic press juicers. They not only know, but believe as well, that these juicers do extract and yield the most percentage of juice. This is imperative to and for them, as juicing is one of the most important aspects of natural cancer therapy.

Sure, hydraulic press juicers work wonder for cancer patients, but what about those who are not suffering, or recovering from cancer? Well, the simple fact that cancer patients use, and even highly recommend hydraulic press juicers, even for those non-cancer patients, actually says a lot about using these juicers, even for those people who are not cancer patients at all. If anything, this fact only reassures every prospecting juicer buyer out there that hydraulic press juicers are definitely the most powerful, and most effective juicing machines out there to date.

The Best Hydraulic Press Juicer

There might be a lot of different types, or “models” of hydraulic press juicers out there on the market, or there might even be a lot of different brands of them too, but if there is one hydraulic press juicer model and brand out there today that every single juicer expert agree upon, it is the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. This particular hydraulic press juicer might arguably the best juicer out there on the market today—bar none. The fact that it already is a hydraulic press juicer already brings it to the top of the juicer models, but the fact that it is a Norwalk juicer, seals the deal for it right there. Whether it may be cancer patients, juicer experts who know anything and everything there is to know about juicing and juicers, or just plain buyers of juicers, all of them know, and agree that this is thejuicer.

Is a Hydraulic Press Juicer For You?

This is actually one question that only you, the buyer, can answer. There are certain follow-up questions to this one that should be answered first, before you can actually answer this “big” question, such as:

-          What are you going to use your potential future juicer for?

-          How is it really going to help you?

-          How much are you willing to spend for a juicer?

-          Why do you need a juicer in the first place?

These, and so many more questions should be answered first, before you can really determine if a hydraulic press juicer is for you. However, right off the bat, with no strings attached, it is safe to say that a hydraulic press juicer should be for you, and for everybody.



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