Top 5 Mistakes Made By Beginner Juicers

April 7, 2013

Hey newbie! Yes you! Don’t feel embarrassed about not knowing everything there is about juicing just yet! If you are here researching your brand new juicer machine purchase, or just seeking some juicing related information, you are already taking steps towards living a healthier lifestyle.

So you have finally picked up your new shiny juicer, now what? Getting the appliance is just half the battle. Don’t expect your first few glasses of juice to be amazing, as it takes practice to combine ingredients correctly. But lets just start discussing some major mistakes almost every beginner juicer makes after buying a juicer.


Your juicer is NOT a blender. The juicer does just that, it JUICES the ingredients you put into it. Don’t be one of those people putting a banana into the juicer and waiting for liquid juice, you might get something similar to a smoothie. Some have mentioned juicing a potato, just don’t. Its important to experiment with different fruits and vegetables when you first get a hold of your juicer. Find out what ingredients produce the most juice, and what works and what doesn’t. It will be trial and error, hence why your first cup of freshly squeezed juice probably won’t be amazing, unless you do something simple like orange juice!


Don’t get too eager to make your batch of fresh fruit as you return from the supermarket. There are some parts of the fruits and vegetables that don’t really belong in the juice. The seeds in apples for example, will add a bitter taste to your juice if left in. Get the pits and stems off  prior to throwing your fruits into the machine. Most importantly, wash the fruits and vegetables before juicing.


Juicing is great for your daily intake intake of nutrients, that’s why juicing is so effective as a diet. Its a diet that is very easy to keep! You do have to be careful about selecting the ingredients. As it is easy to create a sugar packed fruit juice. Watermelon, oranges, pears, pineapple, cherries, mangoes, apples. These fruits should be avoided in large amounts when juicing. Its normal to add some of these fruits into a mainly vegetable juice for flavor, as long as you don’t over do it.


Avoid creating same juice over and over. Experimenting is what will set you apart from your average juicer. Move out of your comfort zone and try creating some exotic juices. Try some fruits and vegetables you have never tried before, it may just be the best juice you’ve ever made. Experiment, experiment, experiment! Most diets fail simply because they are boring, if you keep your juice flavors new and exciting your path to well being will be much easier.


Everybody’s least liked part about juicing. Yes I know cleaning a juicer after you’re done with it can be tedious. But the longer you leave the appliance dirty the harder it will be to clean in the end. So make a good habit of cleaning up after yourself right after making your juice. Your owners manual should give you the exact procedure to clean your specific type of a juicer. You may just need to run it under some hot water. Be careful about using a dish washer to clean your appliance, as life span of some juicers will be severely reduced from soaks in the dish washer. If you don’t thoroughly clean your juicer, a build up of fruit and vegetables can mold. I shouldn’t have to tell you that is not good for your health, or the taste of the drinks you’ll be making in the future. Also try to buy the best juicer you can afford in your price range.

EXTRA: Before using your new juicer read the instructions! I don’t understand why most people don’t do this. It will help you familiarize with your new machine and will give you safety points about avoiding damages to the appliance, and sometimes you’ll get tips on how to use it more efficiently. Always keep the owners manual, as it usually has warranty directions, if the machine ever gives you problems.

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