Taste the Healthy Goodness of Pear Juice

August 5, 2013

Pears are usually known to be the close relative of apples. However, pears have their own arsenal of nutritious benefits that will surely contribute to one’s well-being. If you’re not that familiar with pears or pear juice for that matter, now’s the time to be acquainted with the healthy goodness this yellowish fleshy fruit gives.

If you want your daily share of fruits in juice form, the pear is a perfect choice. Like apples, pear juice can come out foamy on top and smooth towards the bottom. You can prefer to mix the juice or drink it as is. If the pears you’re using are already ripe, you might opt to skip the sweeteners because it is already sumptuously sweet as it is. Pear juice is also a great mix with other fruits because it boosts the nutritional content in one cup.

Speaking of nutritional content, pear juice is a great source of potassium and Vitamin E which are great for strengthening muscles, joints and contributes to glowing skin. It also has Vitamins B2 and C as well as phosphorous that help maintain the body’s defenses against common sicknesses. If you’re losing faith in taking multivitamins and other health supplements, perhaps it’s about time to go back to the basics. With pear juice, you’ll get all these benefits and more from just a glass. Best of all, you get to savor its goodness to the last drop.

Suffering from constipation? Drinking a glass or two of pear juice will provide your body with good fiber that will help cleanse and restart your digestive system. The pear’s antioxidant properties will also help cleanse your colon and other internal organs, leaving you feeling fresh from the inside out. Not only are you ridding your body of unnecessary toxins and wastes, you are also helping your body lose the unnecessary weight from extra water and sodium retained in your system.

If you’ve always wanted to wean yourself from energy drinks and other sugary beverages, pear juice is the perfect alternative for these artificial drinks. A tall glass of pear juice will perk you up with its fructose and glucose content that isn’t harmful to diabetics. Best of all, your body won’t be suffering from sugar that will just to turn to fat in the long run. You’ll be able to spend the sugar you’ll consume from a glass.

Pear BenefitsIn some cultures, people who are suffering from fever, colds and sore throat are asked to eat pears to ease the inflammation and cool down the body. So if you feel a cold or a full-blown flu coming, two to three glasses of pear juice might just help stop the disease on its tracks. If you’re going to use pears to cure the flu and colds, add a spoonful of honey for good measure. This way, you’ll have your own all-natural anti-cold concoction at home.

Now that you’ve read about all the health benefits of pears, try juicing one to witness all the good things listed above.  If you’re hoping to start a greener, fresher diet, drinking pear juice along with other natural juices will help you jump start the habit. If you’re suffering from diseases or allergies, pear juice will help ease them. If you drink a glass or two daily, you’ll be able to see its effects on your body in no time. Nature has given us the solution to our health problems and with fruits like pears, there’s no excuse for us not to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. So drink a glass of pear juice and get healthy from the inside out!


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