Nutritional and Health Benefits of Kale

May 22, 2014

Kale is among the most underrated foods in the world. Many people do not know what it is and those who know it do not know how important it is, kale health benefits are numerous. In today’s world with an overall bad diet, it would be important to regard kale as a super-food and include it on a daily diet.

Kale is a leafy green vegetable that is slightly bitter in flavor and mildly earthy. It mostly eaten in soups, some also prefer eating it as raw food or as part of salad. Kale is so healthy due to its numerous nutrients.

Kale is abundant and rich in calcium, iron, lutein and Vitamins A, C and K. Kale is known to have seven times of beta-carotene and ten times more lutein than other vegetables. It is rich in Vitamin C, not to mention the fiber that lacks in most processed foods. The minerals in kale are all natural occurring, it also contains vital phytochemicals indoles and sulforaphane, research proves that these minerals protects against cancer. Not to forget the important antioxidant vitamin E, it is worthwhile to note that kale spares nothing in providing the needed nutrients associated with various health benefits.

Kale has quite a high amount of organic sulfur. Scientists have discovered that this sulfur compound is known to increase the body’s detoxification enzymes. This further helps to protect the cell DNA. Detoxification through the sulfur compound clears any potential carcinogenic substances within the body. When kale is eaten and digested, it would stimulate the liver to produce enzymes that perform the detoxification process within the bloods. Kale is one of the few vegetable that can clean the blood; it is simply an exceptional super-food.
Kale has tasty additions not available in many salads or dishes. It is low in calories with 36 calories a cup; this makes it an excellent diet food.

Rich in Calcium, kale would assist in maintaining a proper bone structure and strength. Manganese is also found in large quantities.

It also is a fat burning element since it helps in the energy production process for proteins and carbohydrates.

Kale further has indole-3-carbinol; this is a substance that helps the body to fight against industrial chemicals. Industrial chemicals are cancerous and could also lead to abdominal fat storage. Kale thus helps you to maintain a slim waist.

To get the maximum of kale health benefits, it is important to take kale as raw. Raw kale has a considerably high amount of nutrient than cooked kale. The cooking process actually makes the vegetable lose some of its nutrients and destroys its important enzymes. To achieve the most of kale’s health benefits, consider juicing kale.

Adding kale to your diet can prove to be a big help to maintenance of proper health and even in burning additional fat. Kale is belongs to the cabbage family and is readily available all year round.

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