Masticating Juicer vs Centrifugal Juicer, Which to Choose?

November 18, 2013

Most households need a juicer to prepare healthy foods and drinks, in one way or another. It warrants emphasis that a juicer allows you to take out the nutritious elements (minerals, vitamins and of course, the juice) from the vegetables and fruits effectively. The problem now is, what is the ideal type of juicer to employ when preparing your juice?

Actually, you’ve got only two choices namely, masticating juicer and centrifugal juicer. As the names imply, you can probably have an initial idea that they differ in terms of function, price, structure and the quality of juice being produced. To guide you on your decision whether to buy a masticating juicer or a centrifugal juicer, it is practical to take into account the in depth characteristics of the two. Anyway, we’ll rate them per category or feature so you may have clear bases as to what to buy.

1. What exactly are the differences between the two? Commonly, a masticating juicer has a parallel form or structure. It contains a tube where fruits and vegetables are positioned. It is in this tube that fruits and vegetables are squeezed and crushed. A masticating juicer has an auger responsible for extracting the juices. On the other hand, a centrifugal juicer is typified as having a perpendicular appearance. A centrifugal juicer has sharp blades. These sharp blades are utilized to shred the vegetables and fruits and reduced them into mere pulps. Between two different processes, the masticating juicer extracts more juices. So, the point here goes to masticating juicer.

2. Which is more affordable? Generally, the masticating juicer is a little costly as against the centrifugal juicer. A masticating juicer’s cheapest price comes at around $200. On the flip side, a centrifugal juicer could be purchased at $50. Apparently, the centrifugal juicer appears to have the upper hand when it comes to the price.

3. These juicers are best to use with what kind of foods? A masticating juicer is perfect to utilize with herbs, parsley, spinach, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. Nonetheless, this does not mean that a masticating juicer is unable to extract juices from hard fruits and vegetables. Conversely, a centrifugal juicer functions forcefully and rapidly. The opposite is true for the masticating juicer. Clearly, a centrifugal juicer is ideal to use in taking out juices from hard vegetables and fruits. With its wild approach, a centrifugal juicer may not be appropriate to utilize for soft products. Without a doubt, the masticating juicer takes this round.

4. Which juicer produces better quality of juice? Normally, the juice removed with the use of masticating juicer stays fresh longer as against the centrifugal juicer. Needless to mention, it yields better quality of juice. On the other side of the table, a centrifugal juicer produces heat, in one way or another, taking into account that it spins the foods briskly and wildly. As a result, the juice withdrawn from must be taken up right away as it quickly loses the vitamins and nutrients in it. Again, this level belongs to the masticating juicer.

5. Which juicer induces more convenience? A masticating juicer is somewhat effortless to use and much easier to clean as compared with the centrifugal juicer. Moreover, a masticating juicer is more efficient to use and more silent as compared with the other juicer. It needs no further emphasis that a centrifugal juicer possesses characteristics opposite of the masticating juicer. Apparently, this round again belongs to masticating juicer.

6. What else should you need to know? A masticating juicer is substantially versatile as it can also be employed to juice or prepare other foods, such as baby food, pasta and so much more. Furthermore, it can be used to grind meats and so on. On the other hand, a centrifugal juicer has few uses as it can only be utilized to extract juice from hard fruits and vegetables. You may use the same to extract juices from soft products but the quality produced may not meet your nutritional needs. Needless to emphasize, this set again belongs to masticating juicer.

Without a doubt, the masticating juicer seems to be more favorable, with almost a landslide garnering 5 points out of the possible 6. Well, the masticating juicer may be costlier but nonetheless, it brings in so much unparalleled benefits. So, you can now conclude which one is better, and which one to choose.

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