Important Ingredients of an Immune Boosting Juice

by Best Juicer on January 24, 2013

The immune system is a vital system of the body such as the digestive system or the respiratory system. It is different from the other systems because it is not found in one location, unlike the chest where the lungs are, or the abdomen where the stomach and intestines are. Rather, it is a combination of organs, tissues, and even cells designed for a single purpose. This system is primarily designed to defend the body against substances not native to it. The immune system reacts when it detects foreign invaders such as germs, parasites, or even implanted tissues and organs.

Boosting the immune system can help people fight infections and stay healthier. However, since this is not a single organ, it is more challenging to improve its capability. Modern clinical studies as well as ancient health practices recommend instead of maintaining balance and harmony of the whole body. There are several ways to do this, such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, managing stress effectively, keeping the body well hydrated, and choosing an overall healthier lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, and keeping regular health visits.

Supplementing with vitamins and mineral as well as herbal products has gained popularity mainly because of the ease of swallowing a pill. But there are other convenient ways to take in the nutrients found in vegetables and fruits. One way is by drinking juice. One has only to buy a juicer to enjoy a refreshing and nutritious juice any time of the day. There are many types of juicers. It can be a simple reamer where fruit is pushed and squeezed to extricate the juice. Other more advanced types are centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, and triturating juicers. Whatever juicer is used, the process is the same. It is to separate the pulp and fiber from the juice of a fruit or vegetable.

Ingredients to make a healthy juice can be bought easily in the local market or grocery store. To boost the immune system, some ingredients particularly stand out over the rest. One is beetroot. Beetroot juice can lower blood pressure quickly. A lower blood pressure puts the body in the right balance, so it strengthens immunity. One recipe for an immune boosting juice is to use about 250 grams of beetroot, 1 cm piece of horseradish, and a half of grapefruit. Juice all three ingredients using a juicer and mix well. This potent juice provides vitamin C, folate, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Drinking this juice will benefit the immune system, tissue healing, and the blood.

Another easily available ingredient is carrot. Carrot juice is low in calories and is good for weight loss. It also improves how the liver and the intestines function, placing the whole body in a healthy and natural balance. A recipe for a good carrot juice is to use 500 grams of carrots, 1 stalk of celery, and a small bunch of parsley. One can juice or blend these ingredients, but by using the juicer, the concentrated liquid will be easier to drink. This drink provides vitamin A, K, B1, folate, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc. These are very powerful immune boosting nutrients.

To start the day, a fruit juice can help provide the energy for the rest of the day. One good but inexpensive recipe of an immune boosting juice consists of one piece of orange, one tangerine but use one half only for the juice, and one pink grapefruit. Juice all three fruits with a juicer, serve it in a tall glass, and place the other half of the tangerine for garnishing. This juice provides a great amount of vitamin C for tissue healing. It also has vitamin B1, folate, copper, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Vitamin C helps the body fight off germs that cause disease and infections.

Another popular ingredient for juice is apple. Lately, news have reported that some ready to drink apple juice have been found to have higher levels of arsenic. People can make their own apple juice instead. A juice that can really boost energy and the immune system can be made by combining apples with pears. Use 4 apples, peeled and cored, together with 2 pears, also peeled and cored, half a lemon, and one teaspoon of maple syrup. Juice the apples and pears first, and then pour in a glass. Next is to pour lemon juice and maple syrup, and then mix well. This drink contains much vitamin B3, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. Aside from boosting immunity, it is also good for the skin, the mucous membrane, the blood, muscles and bones, and the nervous system.

Many other fruits and vegetables can be used to boost the immune system. Indeed, it is easy to keep the immune system strong, which is a very important system to keep people healthy. Buying a juicer is a simple way to make sure important nutrients are able to reach these groups of cells, tissues, and organs to keep sickness at bay.



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