Healthy Juice Ingredients, What To Juice?

March 19, 2013

Having an appliance like a juicer is really beneficial for those are a lot more conscious about their health for it helps in promoting a well rounded diet. With a bit  of exercise, this can really help with your goal of obtaining a healthier lifestyle. And now that you’ve got your very own juicer, the big question now is:What can I do with it? How will I start living the healthy life using this?”

Here is a list of ingredients and their health benefits for you to be aware of how these can help your body:


  • Apple-Being one of the common fruits, this fruit contains antioxidants which can decrease your chances of having diabetes or asthma. It can also help in cleansing your teeth with every crunchy bite.
  • Avocado-contains healthy fats that can help lower your cholesterol levels when eaten compared to other types of fats. It is also a great provider of Vitamin E and Folate.
  • Cantaloupe-is rich in beta-carotene which may help you in your eyesight and prevent you from having cataracts. It is also a perfect diet fruit because it contains Vitamin A.
  • Grapes-this fruit contains an antioxidant which may help prevent heart diseases because it reduces blood pressure levels and lessens the chances of blood clotting. It can also reduce the chances of having cancer.


  • Asparagus-this vegetable is a great source of vitamins which are needed by the body to prevent rigorous diseases. It can help protect your body from certain cancer diseases. It also slows down the aging process according to research.
  • Broccoli-it contains a high level of potassium like in bananas which can help you maintain a healthy nervous system. A good serving of this vegetable can also help lower you blood pressure levels. It is also rich in beta-carotene which can help normalize your immune system.
  • Carrots-being one of the most common vegetables there is, these little guys got a lot of health benefits. One of it is improved vision for it also contains beta-carotene same as in other fruits. And because of Vitamin A, it can help you maintain a healthy, glowing skin and it slows down the aging process as well.
  • Cucumber-this vegetable is known to be one of the most reliable and best food for over-all health. One reason is because it is mainly water, which can help you become hydrated and can eliminate toxins in the body. Another reason is that it can help reduce the chances of having certain cancer diseases because of the vitamins that a serving of this vegetable holds.. It is also good in curing diabetes, reducing cholesterol levels and controlling blood pressure for it contains a lot of fiber.
These are just SOME examples of fruits and vegetables that you may want to try out in your juicer. It depends on your health condition on what foods will be beneficial for your body. You can also mix those fruits and vegetables together to create a much healthier juice mix. You may actually just look around in your refrigerator, find anything that you can put in your juicer and there you have it! You have an instant juice that is really delicious and very good for your body. I have here some examples of fruit and vegetable mixes which can really help you obtain that healthy lifestyle:
  • FRUITS: Any mixture of fruits will do as long as you put a piece or two in the juicer. In that way, you can ensure that there will be a lot of vitamins in the juice that you are making and it will be really beneficial for your health.
  • VEGETABLES: Same as the fruits, any good mixture of veggies will do as long as it is still fresh and equally served. But we must remember that vegetable juices must be consumed immediately after juicing because it is perishable. So only serve an enough amount for you and your family.

You must always be conscious of what you eat for it always has an effect on your health. Whether good or bad, we must know the nutritional contents of those foods for us to be aware of its effect on our body. Eating healthy foods not just helps you have a healthy lifestyle, it also promotes great health benefits for us to have a longer life and sexier body.


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