Health Benefits of Raspberry Juice

July 1, 2013

Raspberry juice health benefitsWhat are some of the health benefits of drinking raw, fresh, all natural raspberry juice? You may very well know by now that the berry family in the world of fruits is one of the most nutritious, and healthiest “families” of fruits out there, but what makes raspberry, and its juiced form so healthy? Buckle up, because there is so much more to this raspberry-colored (literally) fruit, and its juiced form than meets the eye, and the taste buds.

The Cancer Canceller

Raspberry, in its fruit form alone, already contains something called ellagic acid, an all-natural phenolic antioxidant commonly found in many fruits and vegetables. This particular type of antioxidant is said to contain anti-carcinogenic elements, which translate to anti-cancer properties; so the more ellagic acid, the more chances of ridding the body of cancer.

Though found in abundance within strawberries, it has been studied and found out, that raspberries contain easily 50 percent more of this ellagic acid antioxidant than that of the strawberries themselves. So how does this translate to the juice form of raspberry? Well, when fruits or vegetables are juiced, more of their nutritional properties come out, such as their healthy enzymes, and yes, antioxidants. Juicing raspberries will ultimately release more ellagic acid; hence, more anti-cancer elements.

Heart Disease? Hardly

Since raspberry is chock-full of antioxidants, it is again another of these extraordinarily healthy nutrients which ultimately provides another noteworthy health benefit. Anthocyanin is actually a kind of pigment (which gives the raspberry its delicious color). However, it is not only a pigment; it is also an antioxidant solely responsible for lessening the liability of a looming heart condition; particularly, a heart disease.

These anthocyanins achieve this fantastic feat by soothing and completely alleviating the capillary wall, therefore retaining the overall health of the blood vessels. No room for you in this walled room, high blood pressure.

Bid Bye-Bye to Parkinson’s

Would you believe, that raspberry juice can actually fight off one of the most puzzling diseases plaguing and puzzling every scientist, researcher, and medical expert today? That is correct; raspberry juice contains another healthy, nutritional element among its already copious amounts of nutrients, which actually help prevent the body, rather, the brain, from getting Parkinson’s disease. With direct relation to the antioxidant nutrient which also fights heart disease, anthocyanin, studies have actually shown that this same antioxidant also contains neuro-protective properties (which just means it is essentially healthy for your brain and mind; it is brain food) which keep the brain healthy, thriving, and working. A healthy brain does not have time to contract Parkinson’s.

A short little side-note: since raspberry juice actually reduces the overall risk of getting Parkinson’s disease, this also means it actually delays ageing, within, and without (outside) the body. You are hitting two birds with one stone; the stone being the antioxidant, anthocyanin.

Make Your Immune System Invulnerable

You think raspberry juice’s only health benefits veer towards disease prevention? Of course not! Drinking raw, fresh, and all-natural raspberry juice may actually be one of the healthiest and most fitness and wellness-boosting diet plans you could ever carry out. Just some of these nutritional and wellness benefits include:

  • Increased blood clotting capabilities (meaning better overall blood flow)
  • Less prone to allergic reactions
  • Better overall digestion
  • “Immortalizes” the immune system as a whole

How in the world, you may ask, does raspberry juice achieve this? With these:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C (responsible for the healing of physical wounds, and even promotes hormone production within the body)
  • Vitamin K (directly related to the blood within the body, and its healthy flow)
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese (necessary for bone development and overall health)
  • Potassium
  • Dietary Fiber (keeps your digestive system healthy and constantly working)
  • Zinc

There are so many more essential elements and notable nutrients within raspberry and of course, its juiced form, but these are the standouts, which are mainly responsible for almost all of the overall health benefits which this fantastical fruit has to offer. What more is there to say, really, other than raspberry juice is one drink you would not want to pass up on, especially if it is the raw, fresh, and all-natural kind.

Raspberry juice is far from being the world’s number one healthiest natural fruit drink, and so much further from it being the healthiest natural drink in general. However, it can be argued, that raspberry juice is one of the leaders when it comes to the category of raw, fresh, and all-natural fruit drinks, and drinks in general. It can be classified as a super food, just as almost all of its other family members—that is, the other kinds and classifications of berries—are also classified as super foods. Do not waste a moment more, and go grab yourself a glass of raw, fresh, and completely all-natural raspberry juice.


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