Health Benefits of Kiwi Juice

July 3, 2013

There are numerous health benefits a kiwi juice can offer. The Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that all promote a healthy body inside and out. If you don’t want to eat the fruit in its solid form, you can always opt to have it in its liquid form.

Kiwi is also known as Chinese gooseberry and is believed to have originated in China. From its original name, Kiwi was then created as New Zealand exporters decided to rename the fruit after their national symbol. Kiwi fruits are largely cultivated in New Zealand and California. Kiwi fruit has almost the same size of an egg from a large hen with an outer brown color and a bright green flesh with black seeds inside.

Kiwi juice, as compared to its Kiwi counterpart is more absorbed by the body. It is also a good source of Vitamins A, C, E, K, copper, magnesium and potassium. Aside from all of these nutrients, Kiwi juice also does a lot of other health benefits on your body.

  • Kiwi Juice is great for your respiratory system. Studies showed that Kiwi juice is helpful in the prevention and treatment of different kinds of respiratory problems like asthma, coughing for long duration and even shortness of breath.
  • When you drink Kiwi juice regularly, chances of cardiovascular diseases are low. Studies revealed that regular consumption of Kiwi juice likely reduces the blood pressure of a hypertensive patient. Moreover, Kiwi juice was found out to be effective in the prevention of blood clots hence, lower chances of heart attacks and strokes.
  • A kiwi juice a day has also shown to be of good benefit for the immune system. It serves as a precursor for the body to release white blood cells especially during infection and in the process of eliminating toxins. Kiwi juice is also equipped with lots of antioxidants that help in the destruction of free radicals in the body. As you know, free radicals are the one of the factors that makes a person susceptible to debilitating diseases such as cancer. Kiwi juice contains Vitamins A and C that helps in protecting the DNA structure of the body protecting it from harmful elements.
  • Kiwi juice also contains anti-inflammatory components, as well as Vitamin E and polyphenols. These properties are known to assist in the recovery of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Kiwi juice is also a natural laxative. Mucilage, a property found in Kiwi juices acts in the colon that helps in facilitating normal bowel movement.
  • A regular cup of Kiwi juice every day will also help you in detoxifying your entire body and create a healthier state. Together with your diet, kiwi juice can help you in delaying the process of ageing because of its Vitamins A and C components that will make you look younger and healthy from within.
  • If you are a gym bum or an athlete, better bring your liter of Kiwi juice with you. Kiwi juice contains a wide array of minerals and electrolytes which are necessary in replacing lost electrolytes during exercise. Do drink it prior to your exercise so you will have enough to lose.

Did you know that in China, a sports drink made out of Kiwi juice? It was made to help athletes in replenishing their lost electrolytes during their training especially during warm weather.

  • If you have been experiencing signs of muscular degeneration, then you better start drinking your daily dose of Kiwi juice now. Kiwi juice is rich in phytochemicals such as Lutein that will help prevent further damage caused by muscular degeneration. Be aware that muscular degeneration is one of the leading causes for irreversible blindness in the world.
  • Are you feeling stressed and depressed lately? Get a dose of kiwi fruit a day to help you fight off stress and depression. Kiwi juice contains serotonin a chemical in a person’s body known to affect our moods which will help you feel more calmed and relaxed.
  • Diabetics will also benefit from Kiwi juice. Kiwi juice is known to contain Inositol, a sugar alcohol that is proven to effectively regulate blood sugar levels. Furthermore, this sugar alcohol also helps in improving nerve conduction preventing diabetic complications such as nephropathy.

The health benefits of kiwi juice are actually endless. If you can’t stand the taste of Kiwi juice, you can pair it up with your other favorite juice such as strawberry juice.  Even a half-glass of kiwi juice a day can already bring you great health benefits that no other fruit juice can offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Search the web now on how to prepare your kiwi juice in different ways that will please your taste. Start living healthy and smart now – start drinking your raw kiwi juice.



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