Health Benefits of Drinking Cranberry Juice

by Best Juicer on May 3, 2013

Cranberries are small red fruits that look the same as the blueberries. Small as they may seem, cranberries have lots of health benefits aside from the belief that it is good in fighting urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice if you make it a part of your daily diet, will give you a healthy body and will supply your body the necessary substance that will help you fight infections.

Cranberry juice according to experts are said to be effective in preventing heart disease, certain types of cancers, useful in the treatment of urinary tract infection, bladder and kidney infections. Cranberries are rich in fiber, anti-oxidants and phyto-chemical that help protect the body against premature aging and other intestinal diseases (ulcers). Aside from these, here are some of the health benefits that you can get when you drink a glass of cranberry a day.

Another benefit of drinking cranberry juice is that it is a natural source of anti-oxidants, it can help prevent heart disease by helping to lower bad cholesterol in the body, it also prevents plaque from building up in the arteries.  A glass a day of cranberry juice can help protect a person from brain damage. Cranberries contain flavonoids and polyphenols, two of the most powerful anti-oxidants that help repair broken cells and reduce the risk of getting cancer and other infections. It also improves the immune system reducing the risk of getting coughs and colds.

One of the most commonly known infections that can be treated by cranberry juice is the Urinary Tract Infection. It also helps in the treatment of bladder and urethra infection by preventing the bacteria to stick to the body cells making it easier to flush out. A study conducted by experts also shows that cranberry juice may help to prevent ear and respiratory infections among children. It is said that the juice prevents the bacteria from sticking to the red blood cells to stop it from remaining in the human body which usually result to infections. This characteristic of cranberry also helps the bacteria from lingering into the stomach walls which often times can cause stomach diseases and other types of ulcers.

A glass of cranberry juice everyday helps increase Vitamin B12 absorption. This is especially useful for people who have decreased B12 absorption due to taking certain medications.

Aside from these health benefits, cranberry juice also helps lower cholesterol level, it also increases blood flow thereby resulting to a decreased risk of developing heart disease and stroke. Cranberry juice is also a natural source of lipoprotein which helps to prevent atherosclerosis. It also helps to reduce chest pain, blood clot and heart attack.

Since cranberries have an anti-oxidant property, making them a part of your daily diet will prevent certain types of cancers. It also helps in delaying the aging process. Cranberries are also rich in Vitamin C that helps to prevent gum disease and cavities which results to healthy teeth and gums. Since cranberries are a rich source of Vitamin C, it is effective in curing sore throats and colds.

Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, this is a compound that reduce the growth of cancer cells. It helps to stop tumors from developing into the body. One glass of cranberry juice a day will help prevent the growth of tumors in the body; this is especially good to prevent breast cancer.

Taking cranberry juice every day, will help you strengthen bones and teeth because it is rich in calcium thereby reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis. It is equally good for people who would like to lose weight because cranberries have an emulsifying effect on the fats that are deposited in the body. Cranberries contain high amount of acid that helps prevent kidney stone from forming.

Experts have also concluded that cranberries are effective in the prevention of yeast infection which usually occurs in men and children. Cranberries contain substance that unable the bacteria to linger and multiply on the mouth, intestines and the urinary tract. It is effective in flushing out yeast and other harmful fungi in the body.

It is best to remember to always consult your doctor especially if you are a diabetic; suffering from certain heart condition and have sensitive stomach.  As this juice contains acids, too much of this juice can sometimes cause upset stomach. Consulting your doctor about the effects of cranberry juice when taken together with your medicines will help you prevent any untoward incidents that could hamper the healthy benefits this juice can give you.

With more people becoming health conscious now a days, cranberry juice will surely become a part of their daily diet. After all, it is easy to make and with the above health benefits that cranberry juice can give, it is but proper to think about making cranberry juice a part of your healthy lifestyle and diet. Remember, that prevention is better than cure. Why not drink a glass of cranberry juice now?

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