Health Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

June 18, 2013

How in the world is celery juice good for your health? Celery juice itself tastes like something only dogs would dare drink. How could something so green, so diabolically-tasting, provide you with any health benefits at all? You would be surprised at just how many health benefits celery juice can provide your body with. The real question is: just what are the health benefits of drinking celery juice? Among the (literally) dozens, upon dozens of health benefits, here is a quick list of the 5 ultimate health benefits of drinking celery juice.

  • It prevents cancer.

This may already seem like a broken record, since you may have already known (read, heard, or watched somewhere) that raw fruits and vegetables prevent cancer. However, when it comes to the type of fruits and vegetables which prevent cancer, celery undoubtedly ranks in the topmost levels.

Studies (research done at the Rutgers University, to be exact) have yielded vital information that there are certain elements within celery (most likely the enzymes which are released and maximized when it is juiced), actually prevents cancer cells from spreading. Since every single individual in the whole world has cancer cells within them (the actual fatal cancer is caused by the inflammation of these said cancer cells), regularly drinking raw celery juice is imperative to your health.

  • Raw celery juice lowers overall cholesterol levels; hence, it is a powerful anti-high blood pressure cure.

The many antioxidants within celery are optimized when it is juiced, and those said antioxidants greatly help fight high cholesterol. And since cholesterol can more often than not result in high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels also mean lower overall blood pressure.

In the light of high blood pressure, a specific element within celery, which it is rich with, is magnesium. Magnesium may be considered to be the mortal enemy of high blood pressure, since it has been traced that a lack of magnesium most oftentimes causes blood pressure to heighten. In addition to having magnesium to lower blood pressure, celery also contains many other nutrients which ultimately loosen up tight muscles in the area of the arterial walls, where most of the high blood pressure issues originate from.

  • Celery juice works wonders with regards to bowel concerns, internal stones, and overall digestion.

Drinking raw celery juice is not only rich in dietary fiber for those bowel movement irregularities and digestion aid; it is also rich in those antioxidants (mentioned earlier), which make those gall or kidney stones completely. These antioxidants miraculously kill those toxins which actually make up those painful stones in your stomach. One full glass of celery juice every day, and in a matter of a couple of weeks, those stones are as good as passed away (pun intended).

  • Raw celery juice is the natural alternative to getting fit—to getting thin.

As already mentioned earlier (with the bowel movements and digestion concerns), raw celery juice is rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber which helps digest food quicker in order for it to not stay in the body for too long; hence, there will be no stored fat. It also contains some other nutrients which actually suppress an individual’s hunger urges. There is no further need for those crazy pills which might only be placebo pills (or worse) packaged in fancy boxes and words; go all natural and drink celery juice to make you not only thin, but also healthy—the real kind of healthy.

  • Drinking raw celery juice is an all-around body regulator.

All of the nutrients—the antioxidants, the vitamins and minerals, and the stored energy—inside celery work together to regulate the body’s natural, optimal and maximal functions. This means that if you drink raw celery juice, you will not only have better rebuilt blood cells, you will not only have regulated overall body temperature, you will not only be less stressed (great for those suffering from insomnia as well), you will not only have an enhance sex drive (beneficial for both you men and women out there); you will have an improved overall immune system. You will also have almost no inflammation inside and outside your body as well. Wow. Is there anything celery juice can’t do? It can’t not be healthy for you, that’s what.

Look, it may not taste like orange juice, nor will it taste like any other sweet-tasting juices out there; however, celery juice may arguably be one of the best, if not the best type of raw fruit or vegetable juice out there. It will not only make you look good; it will also make you feel good. There is nothing better than looking good and feeling good at the same time. All with the help of something very natural, and all raw, baby. Go and drink a glass of celery juice now, and reap its benevolent health benefits.


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