Health Benefits From Drinking Cucumber Juice

by Best Juicer on June 16, 2013

cucumber juice benefitsNutrition plays a key role in how people look and feel. One of the beauty-enhancing beverages you can take is a fruit/veggie juice. The vitamin and mineral content of a freshly concocted drink like cucumber juice makes it a far better option than a cup of coffee. Cucumber juice not only cools the body but also offers lots of therapeutic benefits.  Actually, there are myriad benefits to drinking cucumber juice on a regular basis. These include regulation of blood pressure and keeping joints healthy.

Consuming cucumber juice frequently can also aid people in weight loss, since it is a low-calorie food; facilitate normal bowel movements; and contribute to achieving healthy blood cholesterol level. It is best to consult a naturopathic or regular doctor, however, before beginning any juice/water therapy. Juicy cucumbers can also supply the human body with vitamin A, which is essential for normal vision health.

To prepare a glass of cucumber juice, you can add honey to cucumber slices in a juicer, stir in finely chopped mint leaf. For a really healthy drink, you can mix cucumber with other healthy veggies like broccoli and spinach for a heaping of vitamins in a blender to create a detoxifying drink.  Drinking such a green juice regularly can help people shed excess pounds in no time at all.

Another cool green beverage idea you can easily make, rather than opting for soda or other sweet drinks, is an energy-boosting concoction consisting of cut & juiced green apples, celery, parsley, broccoli and cucumber. Indeed, you can obtain the maximum benefits of drinking cucumber juice by mixing up cucumber with other superfoods.

A cucumber smoothie can be a great inflammation fighter that can help promote a clear & healthy complexion. Cucumbers have a concentration of silica, which is a vital component of collagen, the main structural protein that holds skin together. Collagen degeneration may be hastened by inflammation, so regular intake of anti-inflammation foods like cucumber is very important. The silica in cucumber also helps people have healthier muscles, ligaments, and tendons and muscles. Drinking cucumber juice can offer huge relief to people with rheumatoid problems.

Try mixing up in a blender a piece of Japanese cucumber with a cup of blueberries, a half cup of chopped flat leaf parsley, a tablespoon of organic flax seed oil, a cup of plain yogurt, plus some chopped fresh mint. Process, pour in a tall glass, and enjoy your healthy smoothie.

Cucumber can deliver important minerals, like potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and manganese to the body. Being high in potassium, daily intake of cucumber juice is ideal for those who tend to be overly anxious. Among the other health benefits of drinking cucumber juice, particularly one made from the dark green variety, is that it can cleanse the blood and help in controlling inflammation. If you are on the lookout for foods that are alkaline – which are noted for their ability to counter serious illnesses like type 2 diabetes and some cancers – then cucumber juice should be part of your nutritional arsenal. The chlorophyll contained by cucumber helps the body hold back the absorption of environmental pollutants such as dioxin. A green juice like a cucumber drink also aids the body in excreting toxins quicker.

Cucumber offers high antioxidant benefits, thereby protecting body cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. One who has made it a habit to drink cucumber juice combats inflammation and detoxifies the body naturally. Some nutritionists recommend consuming the fruit or vegetable rather than just extracting the juice. Nonetheless, the health benefits of drinking cucumber juice cannot be ignored, especially by individuals who gravitate to unprocessed foods or raw food diets.

An easily digestible all-natural drink like cucumber juice, with minimal or no sugar, offers digestive enzymes that aid in body repair and healing, and lots of vitamins and phytochemicals.  Some of the conditions that are alleviated or counteracted by regular consumption of a veggie juice like cucumber juice are acne, hair loss, eczema, arthritis, to name some.

If you are beginning to get a bit tired of drinking the juice, you can add some variety and consume cucumber by adding cold slices to your water or adding sliced cucumber to salads, sandwiches, or creamy soups. Adding cucumber and lemon slices to your water can be effective in busting free radicals in your body which cause damage to skin, hair and nails. By adding variety to your cucumber consumption, you can look forward to reverting to your green juice.

To enhance the flavor of your cucumber juice, you can add ginger. Or you can combine your cucumber juice with carrot juice. Constipated? Take comfort in the juicy little fruits used as veggies that you may have in your pantry. Has high level of alkalinity and can offer bulk to help a lot in improving bowel functioning. Mixed with coconut water, cucumber juice can also help restore electrolyte balance in people feeling the effects of dehydration. These are but some of the therapeutic benefits of sipping cucumber juice.



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