Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor Review - Good Economy Juicer?

People these days are more conscious of their diet and lifestyle. With the growing number of new diseases and the illnesses, it is a good thing to be wary of the things one takes into the body. Aside from these, there are now so many interesting and delicious juice recipes that anyone can try at home. With the increasing demand of organic products to more and more people converting into the vegetarian diet, companies now also develop products that aid people achieve their goal of a healthier lifestyle. Among these products is the Hamilton Beach Juicer- a very powerful juice extractor that helps provide nutritious, delicious, fresh, and natural juices to the whole family. With the Hamilton Beach Juicer, everyone can have a healthy and refreshing drink.

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hamilton beach juicerThe Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor has so many advantages to other juicers available in the market. First of all, it has a big feeding chute that can accept whole and uncut vegetables and fruits. This will not only enable the juicer to get all the nutrients present in the fruit, but this will also save a lot of time in the kitchen. The Hamilton Beach Juicer offers maximum extraction of nutrients and optimum convenience in the preparation of these healthy juices. The engine powering this juicer is equipped with an 800-watt motor that makes preparing juices fast and easy. There is also an over-sized pulp bin that will gather all the excess pulps that can be used for other purposes. The parts of the Hamilton Beach Juicer are removable as well. They are also dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily.


Another advantage of having the Hamilton Beach Juicer is being able to prepare healthy juices anytime of the day. One no longer have to buy pre-made juices at supermarkets or to order from expensive restaurants. Having the Hamilton Beach Juicer at home means the kids can enjoy natural juices as much as they please, this is not just great for their health but also for the family’s budget. When guests suddenly arrive, homeowners can just select fresh ingredients from their fridge and prepare nutritious and refreshing juices in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, owners of this Hamilton Juice extractor can make kind of juice that they want. They ca
n select their own ingredients, ensure that every single one of these fruits and vegetables are fresh and organic, and even choose the combination of ingredients depending on their preferences. They can stick to good old recipes that have been the family’s favorite for years or make news recipe juices while experimenting.

Also, unlike other powerful juices that tend to just leave the ingredients all soaked up in a pulp, the Hamilton Beach Juicer provides just enough power to make the perfect juice. It is not too fast nor too slow. It works just right and prevents waste of the ingredients. One must also remember to not push the food pusher too much. This will not help in the extraction of the juice. Just put in minimal pressure and the juicer will do all the work. Once all the juice are extracted, they will go directly into a 20-ounce cup. From here, one can drink it directly or transfer to a pitcher and share it to others.

The Hamilton Beach Juicer works well with various ingredients as well. from apples, melon, papayas, carrots, tomatoes, celery, kiwis, oranges, bananas, strawberries, and so much more. It even works great with wheat grass! A very tricky ingredient! For better results and improved taste, one can also mix the wheat grass together with celery, spinach, or other vegetables. For the leftover pulps collected at the bin, they can be used as ingredients for baking, soups, breads, and other dishes. The cellulose fibers present on these pulps will greatly help anyone’s digestion.


Throughout the internet, a lot of people are raving about the benefits of the Hamilton Beach Juicer. One longtime customer shared an experience of putting a whole lemon into the juicer and it had no problems extracting pure and nutritious lemon juice in just a few seconds. For the price, a lot of customers agreed that it was affordable and it was worth it. This juicer is a popular gift item for new couples and young adults that just moved out of home as well.

For the downside, some customers complained about the sound that this powerful juicer makes. The noise is often compared to that of a vacuum cleaner, however, as most powerful appliances do, the 800-watt engine of this juicer enables it to produce maximum extraction in the shortest possible time. there are also customers who did not like the tedious task of cleaning the juicer, but it is common knowledge that the more juice one extracts, the more waste and pulp there would be. Having an idea on how to clean juicers and placing a plastic bag nearby would surely make the clean up work much easier.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer is a great deal. There can be some downsides to it, but the advantages are more rewarding. Lots of juices in just a few minutes? Healthy and fresh ingredients that one can prepare personally? A glass-full of nutrients present in a glass of delicious fresh juice? All possible With the Hamilton Beach Juicer. Through this, anyone can save money, have a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy all the benefits and nutrition of fresh juices any day, at the comfort of their homes.

hbj2Additional Features of the Hamilton Beach Juicer are:

  • Cleaning brush with micro-soft bristles for easy cleaning of the strainer basket.
  • Designed with easy handling, operating, and storage in mind.
  • Makes 24% more juice compared to other competitors.
  • Stainless steel cutter/strainer for fast and efficient juice extraction.
  • 3″ feeding chute that accepts whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Removable dishwasher-safe plastic parts.
  • 800-watts motor for a powerful juice extracting power.
  • 20 ounce juice container that collects all the fresh juice, it can also be used as a pitcher.
  • High juice spout to ensure that all the juice would be collected and none would be wasted.
  • Great contemporary design that will go well with any home interior decorations.

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