Guava Juice Health Benefits

June 28, 2013

Guava Juice BenefitsDon’t like taking vitamin C tablets every day? Well, you don’t have to as long as you are taking natural Vitamin C-rich foods. When it comes to this kind of Vitamin, there’s only one fruit that has the highest concentration among other fruits, even higher than citrus fruits – the Guava Fruit.

Guava grows abundantly in tropical areas in Europe, Africa and South Asia. Guava’s shape and size have resemblance to pears although there are some species that have the shape and size of an apple. The color of Guava’s meat usually are white, pink or red (depends on the fruit’s variety) colors.

A guava fruit contains the following vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C which is found on the fruit’s skin and has 5 times more Vitamin C as compared to citrus fruits like orange, vitamins A and B, Calcium, Nicotinic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Folic Acid and Fiber.

Guava Juice for Better You

Now, if you don’t like the raw taste of a Guava Fruit or you don’t like the idea of biting the fruit, you can make a juice out of it. This kind of serving Guava is especially for parents who have difficulty in making their children eat healthy foods such as Guava. Let your children know what health benefits they can get when they drink guava juice. To make the taste palatable, pair it with another juice that will please your children’s tastes.

  • Guava Juice may be used as an antibacterial agent. One of the healthy components of Guava is its capacity to shrink and contract any opened tissues in the body. Moreover, it contains anti-bacterial properties that dishes out harmful toxins and bacteria inside the body.
  • Guava Juice is a good remedy for constipation and diarrhea. As earlier mentioned, Guava contains properties that are capable of shrinking and contracting opened tissues and/or canals inside the body. This property shrinks the canals of the hyperactive intestine and helps them stabilize it. In the case of constipation, guava juice contains fiber that aids in excreting impacted feces. Drink guava juice prior to your breakfast for better results.
  • Guava Juice can also be a good method in losing weight. Aside from its dietary fiber that helps in flushing away toxins and unwanted fats, guava contains fewer calories that aids in the production of energy for the cells. Just remember though that when you intend to lose weight do not forget to match guava juice with exercise for better effectivity.
  • Did you know that Guava Juice is also helpful in controlling blood sugars for patient with Type 2 Diabetes? In an animal study, guava was found out that it has the ability to tone down blood glucose levels by increasing its insulin concentration. The animal study that used diabetic mice as its subject was also tested on human patients. Currently, Asians have been matching Guava Juice with their daily oral diabetic pills in controlling their blood glucose levels.

In preparing guava juice for diabetic patients, remove the fruit’s skin as well as its seeds. Place the remaining parts of the fruit in a blender together with some guava leaves and water. Just remember though that guava juice is not meant for replacing your diabetic tablets. It is meant to work in congruence with your diabetic meds and not an alternative.

  • Guava juice helps you in decreasing your chances of developing Cancer. One of the nutritious components found in Guava is Lycopene. Sounds familiar? Well, Lycopene is well known property of tomato products. It is property is believed to be a powerful antioxidant that aids in ridding the body of harmful free radicals that cause Cancer.
  • Guava Juice is an effective remedy against Flu and Scurvy. With the frequent changing of weather conditions, people easily get contracted with air-borne diseases such as flu. Flu cases are always on the rise especially during rainy season. Flu is a self-limiting disease, by which your body’s own immune system can combat against it. To help your immune system in fighting flu-causing viruses, you need to have lots of Vitamin C and there is no better natural source of Vitamin C than Guava.

On the other hand, Scurvy – a condition caused by lack of Vitamin C, can also be treated through Guava Juice because of Guava’s high concentration of Vitamin C.

  • Did you know that Guava Juice is also helpful in treating Dengue Fever? Although there had been no therapeutic claims about the juice’s potency, people who have had Dengue Fevers did actually recover from the debilitating disease through the help of Guava Juice. In preparing the juice, you just have to remove the seeds of the fruit, chop the fruit into pieces and then place it in the blender. Pour in some water and add some ingredient to taste. It is advisable to drink the Guava Juice three times a day for better results.

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