Few Minor Cucumber Juice Benefits

May 19, 2014

One of nature’s most precious gifts, cucumber juice is extremely nutritious for a number of health reasons. Generally, it is eaten during summer because it tastes delicious with salads. Being a part of the lemon family, they are commonly used in various salads. Because of its high potassium level, It is also used as a source of relieving eyes and reviving the skin. 

Cucumbers have a large portion of water inside them which makes them extremely beneficial in dealing with the blood pressure issues. Drinking cucumber extract regularly will help decrease blood pressure level and give you much needed relief. Even for dietary and diabetes purpose, cucumber juice is quiet useful in rebuking hunger in the afternoon. It is far healthier as compared to other fruits and snacks because it is extremely low in calories. Even the people who engage in heavy physical workouts should drink cucumber extract to avoid dehydration and restoration of electrolytes.

Cucumber extract is very rich in Vitamin, a powerful antioxidant which helps to eliminate toxins from your body. Beside this, it also helps with cell division, reproduction, eye sight and bone growth. Cucumber extract with peels has more nutritional value hence mixing it with other fruits and vegetables can make a delicious cocktail. 
Cucumber is also an effective anti pain agent especially for cases like sore throat. It relieves soreness and gives great comfort. Even you can reduce the intensity of inflammation by drinking cucumber juice.

Cucumber is quite rich in silicon and sulfur which further improves hair growth and nail health. The presence of silicon in the extract is quite good for muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is especially beneficial for the people suffering from Rheumatoid. Drinking a glass of cucumber juice before going to bed can avoid morning headache. Even washing your mouth with cucumber juice after every meal can kill dangerous microorganism responsible for inflicting dangerous breath.

There are many recipes for preparing the juice. The simplest is squeezing the cucumber in juice extractor. Different fruits and vegetables can be added in the juice. Apple, lime and carrots are especially recommended. You can also add honey and other herbs to improve taste. However, it is extremely important to clean the juicer right away after juicing so molds do not grow in it. Washing it with detergent and letting it soak for a while is especially beneficial for the long life of juicer. 

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