Drinking to Life With Grape Juice. Grape Juice Health Benefits.

by Best Juicer on April 30, 2013

Grapes are one of the most overlooked fruits there is out there in the market today. But what most people don’t know is that grapes are actually good for you, and its juice is even better for you especially when it comes to good health. One hundred percent pure grape juice may not be the first pick of people when it comes to their tables but you will change your mind after hearing all of the benefits it can give you.

Why drink wine and get alcohol into your body when you can get all of its benefits without the buzz with grape juice? Studies have shown that the wine and grape juice have the same health benefits. Since wine is made from grapes, grape juice that is deep in color such as dark red or purple supports healthy heart blood vessels by promoting the production of nitric oxide which helps the blood vessels become more flexible. This is because grapes are high in flavonoids and resveratrol, antioxidants that are great for your health.

For those who are concerned with their cholesterol levels, know that grape juice can also save your life by reducing the bad cholesterol in your arteries. This allows efficient blood flow, getting the blood where it needs to go, potentially saving your life. But not just for the heart, grape juice, more specifically the juice of Concord grapes, has been shown in different studies to be beneficial for your blood pressure. Because of the positive effects it has on the arteries, grape juice has been proven a number of times to reduce blood pressure, normalizing it to healthy levels.

And if you think that grape juice is only for your heart, you would be surprised to know that it also helps with the brain’s health. In a test done over a period of 3 months, findings show that those who drank pure grape juice were able to retain knowledge better, being able to memorize facts and able to apply them successfully. This beneficial effect goes back to the healthy blood flow that the juice promotes – since you have a healthier blood flow in the body, the brain gets sufficient amounts oxygen allowing it to work properly.

But not only for boosting memory, a different study suggests that grape juice can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease. According to the study done, majority of the participants in the study who drank a minimum of 3 glasses of pure grape juice a week had reduced chances of developing the crippling disease compared to those who drank the juice only once a week.

And because grape juice is so good for you, did you know that grape juice can actually help prevent migraines and effectively cure them? As a home remedy, grape juice has been used for years now as a remedy for migraines – by simply drinking the juice in the morning you can effectively put a stop to those debilitating head aches. Grape juice can also help those who are suffering from constipation by acting as a natural laxative, thereby promoting healthy passage for those who have eaten a heavy meal.

As a great fruit juice to drink, it also helps the whole body in terms of weight management. According to a survey done on people who drank one hundred percent pure grape juice, those who had a healthy amount of the juice had a healthier body – having a smaller waistline, lower weight, and were less likely to be obese or to suffer from any metabolic diseases such diabetes and heart conditions.

And if you want to save yourself from any viral infection or any diseases that may be lingering in the air, dark red grape juice has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can prevent you from getting unwanted infections. In addition, its antioxidants also boosts your immune system, effectively shielding you from all sorts of diseases and airborne viruses such as colds, coughs, and flues.

Probably one of the best beneficial effects that grape juice can have on the human body is that fact that it can repair cells that are damaged and prevent them from getting damaged further. In fact, initial reports of a new study found that the compounds of grape juice has a huge potential for saving women from breast cancer by blocking the cells from damage. Who knows what could be next for the amazing grape juice!

So before you shrug off an aisle of grape juices in the market, take a second look, try it out – grape juice does not only taste good, its great for you. For adults, have a healthy amount of 8 to 12 ounces of grape juice a day, and for children ages 6 and below to have 4 to 6 ounces daily to benefit from grape juice’s miraculous beneficial effects. Have a glass and see for yourself the great changes grape juice can have for you.


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