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Breville Juicer Reviews - Honest & Complete Juicer Reviews

There are manufacturers that make great all around kitchen appliances, and then there are manufacturers that take their kitchen product line to a whole other level. When looking for highest quality blenders for example, companies like Blendtec and Vitamix have set the standards so high, they become the “go-to” product. In the world of juicers there are few manufacturers battling to be in that position. Breville makes a large variety of high quality juicers, some may say some of the best non-commercial juicers. Let do a few Breville juicer reviews to help you get familiar with each of their top juicers.

Breville 800JEXLBreville 800JEXL Juicer (Centrifugal)

My definite winner in the centrifugal juicer category from Breville. Breville 800JEXL is a 1000 Watt centrifugal juicer. Issue with majority of other centrifugal juicers is they transfer heat into the juice which can boil enzymes. Breville 800JEXL found a way to transfer very minimal heat into the juice being processed, which in the end makes your juice much more nutritious. Overall this is a very efficient, beginner friendly, and reliable unit.
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Breville BJS600XLBreville BJS600XL Juicer (Masticating)

My favorite masticating juicer from the Breville juicers line up. A very quiet and efficient machine at extracting the maximum amount of juice out of your ingredients. You will not have “instant” juice as you would with a centrifugal style juicer, but the wait is worth the wait. If you enjoy drinking juice with quiet a bit of pulp in it, this BJS600XL masticating juicer is for you.
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Breville BJE200XL Compact Juicer (Centrifugal)

BJE200XL is truly a fan favorite. I have gotten many requests to look into this juicer. So what makes it so appealing to everyone? Price tag being the best selling point of this compact juicer. For just around $100, you get a great centrifugal juicer from a reputable company. Usually you get what you pay for, and I normally would advise to spend more money for a higher quality juicer, but this particular one really is great. Very basic to use, compact, efficient unit. If you want to get into juicing without spending upwards to $400 for a professional unit, definitely look into the BJ200XL from Breville.
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I truly feel that you almost can not go wrong with a Breville juicer. Anytime I get asked the question about what I think is the most affordable, reputable, good for beginners, efficient juicer I can recommend, its always the same brand. Whether you choose the $300 JEXL or the $100 BJE200XL you get a high quality product you won’t be disappointed in. Enjoy our Breville juicer reviews and juice on!