Benefits of Apples and Celery in Green Juice

September 18, 2013

Green juice is one of the most popular juices health-conscious individuals take these days. It is one good juice for cleansing the body. When on a healthy diet, preparation of juice for cleansing is important to make sure you rid out the toxins in your body and replace it with something healthy. Green juice for cleansing is important because it is packed with nutrients that will replenish lost nutrients in the body when on the cleansing process. While you are trying to get toxins out of your system, your body feeds on healthy and essential nutrients that you get from solid food.

Green juice is easy to make and the ingredients are also easy to find. You don’t have to go elsewhere or make orders online because the very basic ingredients are found in groceries and supermarkets. Apple and celery are the 2 common main ingredients of the green juice. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and indeed it will because it has nutrients that will provide the body enough good health and energy. One of the best benefits you can get from apples is healthy cells. Apple contains anti-oxidants that are helpful in eliminating free radicals from the body. You might not know what free radicals are right? Well to put it in a simpler sense, it is what damages your healthy cells. Our body produces healthy cells often to replenish cells that have died. This will allow your organs to continue working and your body system functioning. Now, if free radicals damage your new healthy cells you can expect to age more not just physically but also systemically. A lot of people take in antioxidants these days to combat those free radicals and apple, is one good source of such.

Aside from the antioxidant property, apple is also rich in fiber which is what makes it a good ingredient for green juice for cleansing. Fiber cleanses the colons and helps eliminates toxins out from the body. Fiber from apple is soluble which means that it has the capacity to bind with fats and eliminate it for a lower cholesterol level in the body. It also helps lower blood sugar level because despite the sweetness, it is natural sugar that are eliminated out of the body easily and don’t bind much with blood. Now do you understand why it can keep doctors away?

The other ingredient celery also has its share of great health benefits. Celery might look so simple that you won’t know it has a lot of nutrients that are essential to the body. In many researches, this green vegetable is packed with huge amount of antioxidant and vitamin C that like apple, it is essential for cell health. With vitamin C content, it helps combat sickness and infection easily. You can expect that when you start green juicing diet, you will see some significant changes in your body (not just losing weight). Long term juicing will show that you are less prone to diseases. Thanks to immune-protective Vitamin C, you can get away easily from common colds.

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