Apple Juice Health Benefits. What Makes This Fruit So Healthy?

June 20, 2013

It might be a given right about now, that you have already heard of the saying which goes: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” However, would you believe the saying which goes: “A glass of raw apple juice a day, is better than just one apple a day—yes way.” It may sound corny; however, regardless of that, the fact of the matter still stands: the health benefits and pros of apple juice are so many, they skyrocket towards space. From cancer prevention (and even recovery), all the way to something as seemingly minor as curing topical conditions, apple juice provides and delivers health benefits as if it was a miracle medicine. What follows are only some of the most fundamentally useful benefits it offers.

4 Astounding Advantages of Apple Juice

  • Vitamin Vigor

It is no secret that apples, simply eaten by themselves, will provide and deliver tons of different natural vitamins and minerals. However, juicing these said apples actually releases the maximum percentage of the vitamin content, since the raw, natural enzymes are squeezed and pressed out of them. Just two of the fresh, raw, and natural vitamin overloads apple juice has, are vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Vitamin A, which does wonders for the body’s skin, tissue, and would you believe it, even the teeth(!)—which is extracted from the apples’ peel (so if you peel your apples before you juice them, that’s already throwing away an essential vitamin you would have wanted to drink apple juice for). Vitamin C, commonly found and rich in oranges (interesting to point out that oranges are not the richest source of vitamin C), is not only a powerful antioxidant, which regulates and heals so many physical ailments and conditions; it is also a vital part of the everyday life. In short, vitamin C is something you need; why not throw in a couple more bonus vitamin and health benefits to go along with your daily vitamin C dosage in the form of fresh, natural apple juice, right?

  • FFF = Fabulous, Fantastic, Fiber

Thought that bran was the only great source of fiber? You would be mistaken so many times over. Not only is raw apple juice a stupendous source of fiber, as a source in general. Apple juice is also one of the absolute best fruit juice sources of fiber of any other natural juices out there, since it has the two kinds of fiber: the soluble type of fiber and the non-soluble type.

Soluble fiber is responsible for greatly reducing the risks of heart conditions within the body (which means it lowers heart attack chances), while non-soluble fiber is the kind of fiber which makes your overall digestion better. Oh, and fiber also helps in lowering and even treating diabetes. So to those of you who are suffering from diabetes, if you ever want a fresh, natural, and healthy alternative to sweet juices, while treating your body and ridding it with diabetes all together, meet apple juice.

  • Phyto—what?

Phytochemicals. These are certain elements and mixtures from the plants (or in the apples’ case, trees) in which the fruits (or vegetables) come from. These phytochemicals are actually “non-nutritive”; however, despite this fact, they are essential to the other elements, compounds, and all the nutritive“beneficials” of the apple juice itself. They help break down, or rather, supplement specific enzymes in completely accomplishing their functions. One such case which can be pointed has some regards to the enzyme-stimulating phytochemicals which help in the complete and overall destruction of toxins within the body.

All in all, phytochemicals protect the body from various diseases and sicknesses.

  • The Cholesterol Killer

Ah, here is one health benefit you fast food-eating individuals may be interested in. A lot of the essential nutrients within raw and fresh, natural apple juice kills cholesterol, and completely lowers its levels all together. Should you be suffering from high cholesterol levels, then it might be time for you to get a juicer right about now, and start pressing down those apples and start drinking that juice.

Apple Juice for the Win!

It is not bad at all to keep eating those apples if you do not feel like drinking them in juice form instead. After all, they still are apples, no matter what the state, may it be solid or liquid. However, apple juice does not only yield a better nutrient output than simply chomping down on a solid fruit; it is also more convenient, more efficient, and not to mention more practical overall for you. No more need to bite and chew, and bite and chew, and bite and chew. Just sip away, and swallow. The best part is, you are getting healthier while actually being more comfortable doing so. A glass of apple juice a day, definitely is better than one apple a day—yes way.


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