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Juicer Buying Guide

Why Everyone Should Own A Juicer!

Juicing is a quick and amazing way to quickly get nutrients out of your favorite fruits and vegetables. It’s much easier to consume a large amount of greens through juicing than just eating them plain. The endless combinations let you get as creative as you wish with your daily juice.

You are always in control of your beverage when you have a juicer on your counter. Know without a doubt that your freshly squeezed juice is without added sugar, preservatives and coloring. Juicing might just be the easiest and tastiest way to diet and get your daily vitamins, nutrients quickly. In fact, it's been reported that these daily healthy juices played a major role in kelly clarkson weight loss transformation!

Our Favorite Juicers Ranked

Breville JuicerBreville 800JEXL (98/100)

800JEXL by Breville has been my all-time favorite juicer. And I’m not the only who agrees, look at the massive following and approval this juicer receives from Amazon. As of 2015 it has well over 1,600 reviews averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars. So what makes this juicer so appealing to the masses?

The Breville 800JEXL is very beginner friendly. It looks absolutely amazing on the counter. And it has a fairly large chute to keep you having to cut everything into tiny pieces. Want to learn what features the 800JEXL offers? Go through and find out in my full review!

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Breville BJS600XL (96/100)Breville Masticating Juicer

I’ve had the Breville BJS600XL for few years now, and it is still my go to juicer for leafy greens. It is an amazing masticating juicer from a very reputable company.

Being a masticating, or “slow” juicer it takes this machine a little bit longer to extract juice by design. But it does extract the maximum nutrients out of your ingredients for amazingly healthy juice. If you want to juice greens like kale or spinach along with fruits, you should definitely be looking at BJS600XL as a potential purchase.

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OmegaJ8006JuicerOmega J8006 (93/100)

Omega J8006 is my personal go to for juicing leafy greens such as kale, collards, chard, spinach, broccoli. If you are primarily making green juices, J8006 does it better than anything on the market.

J8006 is a slow masticating extractor that runs at around 80RPM to reduce foaming and keeping temperature down to maintain the enzymes and prevent oxidation. What does that mean? You simply get juice with maximum amount of the green nutrients. A reliable and quiet juicer that has a 15 year warranty from the manufacturer. Keep reading to see if the J8006 juicer from Omega would be a perfect fit for you.

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Cuisinart CJE-1000 (88/100)Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juicer

I have always been a big fan of Cuisinart line of kitchen appliances. Affordable, great warranty and backed by amazing customer service. Buying a Cuisinart product whether it’s a blender, toaster, coffee maker or a juicer is always a safe bet.

Cuisinart introduced the CJE-1000 juicer to compete with the $150-200 juicer market. This extractor is your typical centrifugal juicer. One of my favorite features of this particular extractor is the low amount of noise it makes when juicing. Keep reading if you’re interested in what this Cuisinart juicer has to offer.

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Under $100

Breville BJE200XL

Breville BJE200XL Centrifugal Compact Fountain (92/100)

From the creator of famous 800JEXL and BJS600XL juicers comes a high quality juicer at an economy price point. Priced right under $100 the BJE200XL from Breville is really the best you can get for under $100.

The 700 watt centrifugal juice extractor is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It has a clean and modern look and works just about as well its more expensive competition. If you want to give juicing a go without investing massive amounts of money into the higher end juicers, BJE200XL should be on  your list to try out.

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The Many Health Benefits of Making Your Own Juice

Most people advocate the eating of fruits and vegetables as a recommended diet for those that want a healthier lifestyle. But aside from eating fruits and vegetables whole, there is an alternative way of consuming the nutrients from these foods and this is known as juicing. Normally, the skin, tops, seeds, leaves and other parts of fruits and vegetables are often discarded when these foods are prepared for eating. But with juicing, these plant parts are included in the drink. As such, you will be able to consume the important nutrients found in these plant parts and avoid wasting.

Fruits and vegetables can be finely macerated with the use of a hand blender or a regular kitchen blender. But if you wish to do it properly, you need to use a real machine which is specially built for the specific purpose of. With more powerful motors and stronger blades, it can efficiently release liquid from your chosen fruits and vegetables including the other nutrients that are found in pit, skins, seeds and rinds.

A regular intake of healthy drinks on a daily basis can help you a lot in the absorption of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. There are some health conditions being suffered by some people that result into impaired digestive systems. With a poorly functioning digestive system, a person will have much difficulty in absorbing all the necessary nutrients he needs from fruits and vegetables. A juicer can be very helpful to people with poor digestive systems by pre-digesting solid foods. As a result of this pre-digestion, you will be able to digest and absorb the important nutrients that would otherwise be flushed down the toilet.

Juicing can allow a person to effectively consume more fruit and vegetables. If an individual is a carb type, then he must consume plenty of vegetables which should be around one pound per 50 lbs. of body weight on a daily basis. However, for some people, the eating of vegetables is not an easy task. But with making your own drinks, you do not need to munch on too many vegetables. All that needs to be done is a daily quick drink.

Disease prevention should be a concern for everyone. Vegetables and fruits have plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phytochemicals which are very vital in combating various diseases and ailments from common colds to heart diseases. As you increase your intake of these vital nutrients, the more you will be successful in disease prevention.

A study that was made during the World War II era shows that an average individual must consume 64 oz. of water on a daily basis. However, more recent studies indicate that people need more than that amount of water. But, aside from your normal intake of water through a glass, your intake of solid food can also provide you with additional liquids. As such, the use of a extractor will be very helpful in improving the hydration of an individual. A person will gain a lot from increased hydration through important health benefits such as better skin, fewer headaches, improved digestion, weight loss and many more.

Food variety is necessary to the health of any person in order to be able to maximize nutrient consumption. You will be able to consume a much wider variety of fruits and vegetables. There are people like in the cases of vegetarians that eat constantly the same kind of vegetables for their salads on a daily basis. The eating of a fixed selection of vegetables every day is against the basic principle of food rotation that dieticians and nutritionists advocate. This practice may also lead to the development of an allergy to a particular vegetable. But with a use of a extractor, you can just throw into the machine just about any kind of fruits and vegetables you can find in the store which is what you need in food rotation.


Using a juicer to make your own juiced fruits and vegetables has a lot of health benefits. This is a great way to add some important nutrients into your body which you would not have taken. It is because through this process, the fruits and vegetables retain most of the nutrients, including vitamins, plant chemicals and minerals. If you talk […]

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