7 Benefits of Juicing Blueberries

August 25, 2013

What are some of the benefits of juicing blueberries? It may not be a secret any longer that berries are one of the types of fruits which are collectively one group of the healthiest fruits out there in the fruit world. Among the many kinds of berries, blueberries are one of the most common, simply because they offer arguably the best health benefits among all the other kinds of berries. And it is also a known fact that juicing in general yields a ton of benefits; not only health-wise, but in other aspects as well. Given these straight facts, what results will juicing blueberries actually give those who juice them and drink them up? Here are a few of those benefits—7 to be exact.

1. Blueberry juice achieves antioxidant Nirvana.

You always hear or associate the word “antioxidant” with fruits; but what are they, really? Well, to cut long explanations short, antioxidants are those nutrients which mostly fruits and vegetables have which fight off, cleanse, and rid the body of those potentially—and sometimes, truly deadly—toxins. With the help of these antioxidants, the body becomes healthier. Having said this fact, there are select fruits and vegetables which actually get more of an antioxidant percentage when juiced; fortunately, blueberries are one of those.

2. Juiced blueberries boost brain behavior.

Constant studies and research on blueberries over the many years of doing so has brought about many significant discoveries. One of these said discoveries just happens to be related to brain activity, and this particular kind of berry’s effect on it. Just eating blueberries alone already aids with the brain function and overall health of those belonging to a certain age category (mainly, those in their 70’s, and above). What is even more interesting, is the fact that when juiced, around two to three cups of the blueberry liquid was shown to improve memory significantly. Talk about taking the term “brain food” very seriously.

3. Joint pain problems? No worries; blueberry juice gives the gift of joint enhancement.

If your joints give you trouble, do not fret: research and studies have also yielded positive results regarding the effect of blueberry juice on bones and joints. They not only help in healing and recovering badly battered joints; juiced blueberries also provide the necessary nutrients and other healthy enzymes to strengthen and even maximize the body’s joint fortification capabilities. And here you thought only milk and dairy products aid in strengthening those bones and joints. On the contrary—almost all fruits and vegetables have traces of calcium within them; it just so happens that milk has higher and more concentrated accumulations of the nutrient.

4. Blueberry juice finds fiber as its friend.

Blueberries are naturally rich in fiber, which makes them excellent for eating when you need some intestinal and digestive cleansing. When blueberries are juiced, the fiber concentration might prove to be lessened; however, other nutrients make up for that loss, and actually make intestinal health better, and prove to be more of an asset, rather than a liability.

5. Juicing blueberries makes for an awesome anti-aging agent.

This benefit actually goes, not only for those who of you on the other half of the age calendar; it also goes for those who still want to look younger than they actually are. The astonishing antioxidant concentrations and levels of blueberries and their juiced form are so high, they also fight the aging process within the body, providing new cells for the body quicker, and regenerating those dead ones faster.

6. The Illness elixir—blueberry juice.

Need there be more to be said? After all of the benefits above, is it not already obvious that blueberries and blueberry juice has the power to slow down terminal illnesses, and even prevent them entirely?

7. Blueberry juice is raw, fresh, and organic!

Fresh, raw, and organic are just other ways of saying natural, and of course—healthy!


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